Lhasa de Sela is Al-Mahdi

I believe that Sister Lhasa de Sela, born of Alejandro Sela and Alexandra Karam, is the promised al-Mahdi who brings us all into one family.

She is the Avonal Son, the Promised Caliph, al-Mahdi.

By your side, she will find Paradise just as surely as Joshua ben Josef.  Her life is well-documented, unlike Jesus.

She immersed herself in the cultures of every family that adopted her circus along the way.  Her voice must be grafted into our minds during this age of encryption and interconnectedness, if we are to survive.

Eventually, when we each learn to sing, we can do away with old adages, but until every child is fluent, let them take upon her mantle.

Her sympathy is truly great, pitying the outcast but honouring the warrior/true worker.

“With Every Word” we are continuing al eternal Haaj.  The Cardiac Diagram of human faith is painfully obvious, through each breath, when you contemplate her beauty.  For Lhasa de Sela is one who has never hesitated.  If she has, I have forgotten or she did so according to God’s will.

Pay her due,

Be her subject:

Go in – into the core of all origins, Paradise.

Listen and you will become like Her Father.


The Inner Voice is revealed through Listening to the Sound of One’s Breath.



The Gateway of Heaven Shall Have Always Been Opened unto You, but Still (Hidden?)

May the Gateway be Revealed

Shed every other Tense, but seek the Career that is Suited for You

Hedge every idea to the Present, where you are.

Let HIM go, into the universe.

ALto the underlaying unity of all life

so that the voice of intuition may guide us

closer to our common keeper




dedicated to LHASA de Sela